About Nuevayorkinos


Founded and curated by Djali, a second-generation Dominican-American, Nuevayorkinos is a visual archive dedicated to the Ñew York City Latinx experience. By documenting and preserving the stories of those who have come from Latin America/the Caribbean and have made ÑYC their home, Nuevayorkinos seeks to act as an antidote to the harmful, singular media representations of Latinidad. As the political climate of the nation (and globe) finds itself engulfed in a wave of xenophobia, telling our stories becomes all the more important. Moreover, as Black and Brown peoples find themselves displaced due to rising rent in once-affordable, culturally-specific enclaves, Nuevayorkinos reminds the city that Latinxs are an integral part of New York’s social fabric and, by proxy, the nation. As a pan-Latinx project, whether one has immigrated from Colombia, Brasil, Haiti, or Puerto Rico, Nuevayorkinos is a large family photo album celebrating our personal and collective historias.